ORIGAM - open filtered form via HTTP call

I came accross very interesting task.

I would like to have a link in an email body, that calls ORIGAM application, forces the user to authorize and opens a filltered form by some given ID.

Is this somehow possible in any actual version of ORIGAM?

Thank you for your answer.

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Hi @washi , @tvavrda

is there way how can we achieve following scenario?

  1. Generate web link into email
  2. User clicks on the link and the form (if logged in) would be displayed?

I have found just the link below but it would not work with external link as there is custom protocol:

Do you mean an ORIGAM UI screen or a custom designed HTML form?

I mean Origam UI screen.

Imagine following scenario:

  1. User receives a notification email about some event in the system happened (i.e. A attendee signed out from the course, there are substitutes, you can add a substitute to the course to fill the course capacity.)
  2. User clicks on the link and opens the editing UI form in Origam with filtered data matching the event (Origam displays Course detail to edit course attendees).

Users use origam UI screens to manage data, so it has no reason to have a custom page for this.

This is a long unsolved use case. The problem is that we have all the screens open as tabs. If you open a link it wińĺ open a brand new browser tab with all the tabs in it. What happens to the old browser tab? We might just unload it there but some people are accustomed to work with multiple browser tabs opened, although it is not really supported.

So if we solve this issue, I fully agree with doing the links finally.

What might work would be linking with a custom link to a PWA but not sure if it is supported.

Just to make sure, PWA you mean Progressive Web App? How do you think it could work?

Doing the links finally? What you mean?

I understand, the problem is that Origam should not support opening its client in the multiple browser tabs. Opening the screen in new tab would not be problem, but having multiple tabs with origam is not wanted feature at this moment.

So at this moment we can only allow user to search course via Search button by some of its identification. So the user receives an email, copy some identification of course and goes to Origam and uses Search button to find his course to open it in edit mode.

This is not so user friendly as a simple link in the email. But well, at this moment at least we know that it is not currently supported.

But I believe that it would be beneficial feature for notification scenario and also possibly integrations with another applications where we would need to open origam with certain screen.

For PWA I mean something like this:

So when the app would be running out of the browser (as an app executed from desktop) it seems to be an option on mobile and even on desktop.