Origam User - Initial Setup

Does there exist any flag for initial setup, when using Origam User authentication?

I set up everything, but initial login page for creating user failed - multiple redirections. When I created Origam user manualy in DB, the app is still opening a setup page and failing.

The reason why you get multiple redirections is probably because of your web.config. You should have a Setup page available without authentication.


<location path="Setup">
      <allow users="*"/>

Anyway, in order to make ORIGAM not displaying the Setup page on start you can set the InitialUserCreated data constant user value to true by using the following SQL statement on your data-database:

UPDATE [AsapParameters] SET [BooleanValue] = 1 WHERE Id = N'e42f864f-5018-4967-abdc-5910439adc9a'

Thanks a lot.

Setup is missing in my web.config.

I have one note. Parameter may be in model database, when deploy empty erp database.

The SQL command to enable the initial setup page is

UPDATE SchemaItem SET B01 = 0 WHERE Id = 'e42f864f-5018-4967-abdc-5910439adc9a'

But you should not change the model. It is set not to show the setup page by default for backwards compatibility (updating an existing application should not suddenly show a setup page).

Okay, in this case, I could fix empty erp data database, because it is not contains InitialUserCreated parametr.

I thinking about it, when parameter is in data dabasebe, app take value from data model, other app take value from model database. If exists both, alway take value from data database, then I can change this.

In case of AsapParameters table it is correct. If the seed database does not contain this parameter value it should be inserted so the initial setup page shows up.

So the rule is:

  1. Data Constant is only defined in the model – the model value is taken
  2. Data Constant is exposed through a menu – the model value is taken until the user sets a custom value through the menu. From then on the data-db value is taken (also valid for user-based values where each user can store his/her own value through the menu).

But I had default value in model DB set to true. So, setup page is not displayed.