OrigamArchitect damages workflow source files when WaitTask is added

I was trying to …

  1. I tried to add Wait workflow task into Sequential Workflow

I was expecting …

  1. Task will be added without problems

Instead I’ve got …

  1. I can´t add the task:
  2. The source file is damaged and the solution stop working

Fix of the file and the cause

  1. I was able to find debug in architect and the problem is that architect starts to add xmlns: definitions into elements which is then evaluated as “A Namespace Name for xmlns Attributes” namespace and is refused by architect as not origam.com namespace
  2. My pressumption here is that WorkflowTask and WaitTask has the same synonym wt, so when Architect adds wt as WaitTask it changes all namespaces for WorkflowTask

I can fix it manually:

  1. Put a new namespace into header of document:
  2. Replace all appearances of “strange” namespace: p21 by wtask
  3. Replace all appearances of xmlns:p21="http://schemas.origam.com/Origam.Schema.WorkflowModel.WorkflowTask/6.0.0" by `` (empty string)

I can also search in file for any appearance of " xmlns: (because all corrupted lines are xmlns namespace behind attribute) to make sure that there is no other namespace inside element.

But when I add new Workflow task step, then it removes wt namespace for WaitTask and change it into WorkflowTask. This is very inconvenient for working with architect if it damaging source file the way that then it can’t interpret it.

This looks like:

what version of architect are you using?

Version of Architect: 2022.2.0.2582

Plese try build 2022.2.0.2612 it should fixed there

Perferct, I will try. Thank you.