OrigamSettings.config new location for Architect

Current location of OrigamSettings.config for Architect is the installation folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\ORIGAM\ORIGAM Architect 2021.1\OrigamSettings.config.

Since Architect does not require administrator rights to run, it also cannot change the configuration. This is especially bad if a new user installs Architect and wants to create a new project. He or she will be kicked off.

We should find a new home for OrigamSettings file.

Proposal location



We already use this location C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\ORIGAM\ for saving ArchitectWorkspace.config. This one is shared between different versions of Architect (which is potentially bad if we would change the content significantly).

As each ORIGAM version keeps its own OrigamSettings (different projects managed by different Architect versions) we should introduce subfolders as proposed to separate different configurations. Workspace configuration could be eventually moved there, too.


We should make it possible to configure OrigamSettings location in OrigamArchitect.exe.config so the user could change it.

First Run

When Architect runs for the first time, it will not find OrigamSettings as there will be none in the target folder (the folder itself will not exist). Therefore it should quietly create it.

Architect could detect old version (e.g. version 2021.2 could look if there is any other version, like 2021.1) and offer OrigamSettings migration. It could even offer project selection from the old settings. Those projects would be moved to the new version and removed from the old config.

Please document the settings for custom path to OrigamSettings.

Was this implemented?