PDF cannot be opened after installation Adobe Acrobat extension of browser

Our user had an issue of opening PDF files in browser in view mode after installing Adobe Acrobat Professional on her computer.

Steps to reproduce

  1. User clicks in form on Blob control in the form
  2. User selects View item
  3. Browser displays new Tab

Expected result

  1. PDF file is displayed in browser’s new tab

Current result

  1. BLOB no longer available error message is displayed


Current solution

Switch of extension of Adobe Acrobat in browser and then the view mode works correctly again.

There might be problem when the user needs to use Adobe Acrobat extension, then the user won’t be able to open PDF files in view mode.

The blob download token is single-use only. It gets “spent” by browser and when browser redirects it to Acrobat Reader, Acrobat Reader sends another request, but at that time the token is not valid.

The single-use policy needs to be reviewed.