RecordCreated reset when update a data using PUT method via API

I have noticed, that when using API (CZ.Advantages.Asap.Schema.GuiModel.XsltDataPage) and allow PUT to do creation and updates of data, the RecordCreated field gets reseted to null each time an update is done.

It’s becouse the RecordCreated field is not sent back and forth in the API data (from the client). But if it was sent, the client would have anyway full control to RecordCreated field. I didn’t like both of those scenarios, so I decided to remove ‘RecordCreated’ field from the datastructure used on the API page. It works well, however the disadvantage was to switch the datastructure from AllFields=True mode to field enumeration mode (AllField=False). This approach worked for me, however it’s not comfortable, becouse you have to maintain it carefully e.g. when a new field appears.

My suggestion is to change the behaviour of RecordCreated and don’t allow to update it once the record is created. The only problem could appear if someone used the RecordCreated field for other purposes than record creation time and maintained the value himself.

Any of you - do you misuse the ‘RecordCreated’ field for other purposes? What do you think about suggested change? Can we change a behaviour the suggested way?