RecordUpdated is not updated during data merge after transformation

I’ve easy 3 step Workflow - 1. LoadData 2. TransformData 3. SaveData. The transformation is copying the loaded Datastructure and changing one attribute value a then saving the data. But during result merge the field RecordUpdated is not updated to current date. I’m on master 2021.2.0.2148. This works on previous versions (2019/2020)

I created a new Entity, DS, WF just to test it independently and I can confirm that RecordUpdate value is not updated. @tvavrda please can you confirm it?

This problem is caused by the recent changes to prevent RecordUpdated set when changes were done only in virtual fields. The method checks whether the changed field has an extended property IsDatabaseField and the database fields don’t sport it.

I’m working on the solution.

Btw it might be benefitial if calculated fields are stored in the audit. E.g. “total price” value, even though it is not a database field. Since you are touching this, maybe you could extend the functionality.

EDIT: This case is not about auditing but RecordUpdated update. So you can ignore my comment.

Extending functionality should be done as a separate task/issue.

This is a hotfix. The DatasetGenerator needs a refactoring. There are two places in the code that set up extended properties for the columns. It would be better to have it in one function.

This hotfix resolved the bug with not updating RecordUpdated field.
Thank you.

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