Redirect Action

Redirect Action

Redirect defines where the HTTP request will be redirected after Workflow Page has finished.If there are multiple Redirect elements specified they are all evaluated for conditions (rules, roles, features) in a specified sort order and the first matching is evaluated and redirected to the URL returned by the XPath attribute.

Without Redirect

If no redirect is defined the result of calling the workflow is a redirection to the original caller’s URL. This default behavior supports the following use case:

  • There is an HTML page displaying some data with a <form> element that updates the data.
  • The form posts data to a Workflow Page API which finally saves the data to the database.
  • After posting the form the user is redirected back to the original page which loads fresh data from a database.


SortOrder Order in which multiple redirect elements will be evaluated for matching conditions.
Roles Enter an application role name for controlling which users have access to this redirect. Enter a star (*) if roles do not matter.
Features Enter a feature name which needs to be turned on in order to evaluate the condition true. If nothing is entered features do not matter.
ConditionRule An XPath expression that will be executed upon the workflow’s result and if it returns True then the redirect can happen.
IsUrlEscaped Specifies if the returned URL has already been escaped. If False the URL will be escaped by the system before redirecting.
XPath An expression that will return the URL to which the request will be redirected. The context is the workflow’s result.