Registering own XSLT functions

Xslt functions can now be registered directly in the model by creating a node under the Xslt Function Collections category.

Here you have to enter:

  • AssemblyName of the assembly where a class with the Xslt functions can be found
  • FullClassName of the class
  • XsltNameSpaceUri where the Xslt functions found in the provided class will be defined
  • XsltNameSpacePrefix of the imported functions used in the xpath

There is no special interface your class have to implement. Origam will use all public methods of the class in XSLT transformations and Path expressions.

As we might implement another scripting language for transformations in the future than xslt (like c# or LUA), wouldn’t it be better not to call them “xslt functions”? I know we already have “Functions” in the model, but anyway.

Or we can leave it and then rename it later, after we introduce another language.

I suggest we leave as it is and when the time comes we will revisit the issue.