Replace System.Drawing.Image to MagickImage

System.Drawing.Image is supported only on windows platform.

There would be problem with FastReports as well. I have just searched little bit on their forum and found this article: .NET 7+ only for windows platform ? (skiasharp rendering) · Issue #611 · FastReports/FastReport · GitHub

Have you any ideas how to deal with it?

Thank you,


Well for FastReports it’s a shame and it seems it will only be supported on Windows. We are planning to introduce a Windows based docker image as a premium (paid) product so it would work there. For Linux we have to be again looking for a reporting platform.

Can you do an analysis where do we have occurences of System.Drawing.Image in our code?

System.Drawing.Image is used in Architect applications only now. All System.Drawing.Image occurrences were changed to ImageMagick for client side.