Rule result not displayed

I have a very simple form. When I add a row it adds a row like you see on picture

then after selcting product in field Služba

I get rule precessed correctly, that is seen on total sum in field header, but nothing gets displayed in a field PriceLocal (Cena/j).

Furthermore, after leaving field PriceLocal even total sum is calculated to 0 (zero).

Version of client:

There is no difference between using validation rule od simple rule. Both behave the same.

I would like to ask to correct this quickly and let me know what is the updated version.

Thank you.

In version 2016.11 is described behaviour considered as feature. If an user has an active grid editor and there is a data update, update is not propagated, resulting in a possible data loss you’re describing.

Our view has changed and in current master the behaviour is different. If there was no edit, the content of the editor will be updated. Either you can switch to master or wait for the next release, which we expect to happen this or next week.

Well, thank you for your answer.

But I investigated furthermore. And the behaviour is that when I am in detail of the row, I start typing and wen I select a product by cliking left mouse button, the rule gets processed and PriceLocal field is updated.
But when I make the slection by typing and using TABulatro key, nothing happens :slight_smile:

It seems this event is not captured at all.

Thank you for your answer.

If the stable release is comming till Jauary I will rather wait for it.

@washi I just saw the problem reproduced and I see that what works in grid does not work the same way in detail view. We need to fix the detail view as well so that when user gets to a field which is being updated on the server the value will be overwritten.

We are revisiting this problem.

Solution for the form view is implemented in master build 4696. I’ll merge it with 2018.1 later if the solution will be satisfactory.