Screen - automatic save instead of using SAVE button when something is changed?


I use HTML5 user interface. I have a form where in the top part I have list of coaches. Each coach can have one or more licences.

What I would like to achive:

  1. Add a new licence to a coach
  2. Print the licence card which is created in Fast Reports

What problems I have

If I add a new licence and edit all the fields of licence, I have to press SAVE button first and then I can print licence. If I don’t save the form, the licence card is empty.

This behaviour is not very comfortable for the user.

What options I have to make it better usable?

  1. Is there any possibility to ensure that the form is automatically saved whenever I change anything in Licence? I have tried to set all fields of Licence Screen Section that they have set property RequetSaveAfterChange=true, but it seems that the form is not saved.
  2. Should I rather use Workflow to create a new licence and then generate report?

Thank you for the answer,


Support for RequestSaveAfterChange on the field level is not implemented in HTML5 yet. There is the same flag RequestSaveAfterChange on the ScreenReference in the menu. This one is implemented in HTML5. But I’m not sure about the behaviour, when the user adds new row, that doesn’t have mandatory fields filled yet. You might end up with workflow.