Screen section with alternative doesn't show alternative's layout

I have an alternative to a screen section. It adds a new field and sets a caption for another one.

Alternative in the Architect looks like this:

The result in fronte end UI:

The whole screen section is shifted, the new field (Klient) is in collision with the other field, the label for Phone field is not set.

If you open the screen section definition in Architect now, does it still show it the same way and is rendered another way?

If I open the screen definition in Architect now, it is rendered in the same way as in UI (incorrectly). What has changed?

Nothing. I just suppose that the problem is not what you describe. I guess the issue is that the designer shows something and saves something else. So for some time you see “incorrect” results but those results are actually correct because it shows exactly what is saved (but not what you see in Architect at that moment).

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