Searching menu items - czech characters issue

There was a different behavior in HTML5 searching dialog in previous versions. When I was searching for string vyu, the engine searched for items with and without Czech diacritics (version 2021.2.0.2091), which was perfect. Now when I search the the same string, it searches only for items with diacritics (version 2021.2.0.2148). See attached images.
version 2021.2.0.2091

version 2021.2.0.2148

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This looks like it might be related to filter settings. The default (when nothing is specified in appsettings) is CaseSensitive=false, AccentSensitive=true. Which does not correspond to the behavior you describe. Did you change the settings? I think this should give you the behavior you want:

"ClientSortingAndFilteringConfig": {
	"CaseSensitive": "false",
	"AccentSensitive": "false"

Please note that the section name will probably change to “ClientFilteringConfig” because it does not have impact on sorting anymore.

Thank you! This solved the issue.

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