Select original row(s) after form reload

I have a workflow action which modifies multiple rows, so it has set RefreshAfterWorkFlow = RefreshCompleteForm.
After form reload the selection always jumps to the first row. Is it possible after form reload to select row(s) which was selected before?
If it is not possible, it would be a helpful feature - eq. parameter SelectOriginalRowsAfterFormReload (true/false) for UI action or something like that. And maybe this parameter would be useful also in other places, where the form is reloaded?

It’ll have to work with split panels, too.

Alternative feature (but with minor usefulness I think) would be possibility to reload only screen section, not the whole screen (so eg. for split panel at least record in upper master grid stays selected, when lower slave grid gets reloaded and selection is lost there).

It should select the previously selected row whenever possible. So I consider this to be a bug.

@martin.zakostelsky We will need application model, database and description how to reproduce the problem.

I have recorded three examples, as giving you the whole model and database is currently more work (I’d have to clean sensitive data).
Three short videos are here:

It seems that selection resets already after clicking “Refresh” in Origam menu (so no need to run any workflows to reproduce the error).
I think the problem can be that:

  • Data structure is too deep (examples 2, 3)
  • Screen reference is specified with parameter (example 3)

In case you’ll not be able to solve the error with the help of my videos, let me know and I’ll try to clean and trim the model + database and share it with you.

We will need the model and database.