Set Workflow Property Task

Sometimes the workflow needs to say something about itself when running. Typically this is a runtime description which depends on a context. This task allows you to alter some attributes of the executing workflow.


WorkflowProperty The attribute of the workflow you want to modify. See possible values below.
ContextStore The context from which you want to retrieve a value.
XPath The XPath expression by which you retrieve the value from the ContextStore.
Method The method that will be used when changing the attribute:
  • Add - The text will be appended to the text that existed before in the same WorkflowProperty. So you can concatenate texts from several contexts by executing several Set Workflow Property steps one after another.

  • Overwrite - The property will be overwritten with the new data.

Delimiter In the case of Method = Add, the character will be used to delimit the previous value and the newly appended value. Typically this can be a comma or a semicolon.

WorkflowProperty Values

Title Modifies the title text of the next screen in the user interface task.
Notification When notifications are set, the next user interface task will display a special section with notifications.
ResultMessage After the workflow finishes this will change the message on the final screen. Here you can e.g. display a link to a record generated by the workflow or some other status message.