Signout Redirect

I have the following OidcConfig.

var oidcConfig = {
	client_id: "origamWebClient",
	response_type: "code",
	scope: "openid IdentityServerApi",
	authority: window.location.origin,
	redirect_uri: window.location.origin + '/auth/signin.html',
	post_logout_redirect_uri: window.location.origin + '/auth/signout.html'

But, neither of the following signoutRedirect methods correctly redirect or point to the above post_logout_redirect_uri
window.OidcMgr.signoutRedirect({ post_logout_redirect_uri: '/auth/signout.html' })

Are there any pointers (documentation/reference) to implement the signout redirect?

So I guess you are trying to sign out of Origam from another aplication. We are using oidc-client package to manage this and it looks like you are using it too. So may be this file could help you:

What exactly is the problem? Do you gen an error or do you get redirected somewhere where you did not want to go?