SIMPLICOR source is now on GitHub

In order to promote community collaboration on the project our ORIGAM based ERP source code (model) is now available through GitHub.


Just use git clone simplicor-model in order to get a clone in your simplicor-model folder.


Update your AsapSettings.config to point to your cloned git repository


Then call File > Import Packages from Repository in Architect. This will synchronize the git repository with your model.

Important: This command will immediately start synchronizing all the package files in the model sources folder with the model database. It will not ask for location.


If you make a bugfix or a new feature just fork the SIMPLICOR repository on GitHub and create a pull request. If it is useful we will then merge it into the main distribution.

After config as described in announcement:

je neočekávaný token. Byl očekáván token =. Řádek 52, pozice 71

There must be something wrong with the config`s XML. Can you post the config file?

Here it is. Only added described config line.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  <xmlSerializerSection type="CZ.Advantages.Asap.AsapSettingsCollection, CZ.Advantages.Asap, Version=4.0.4560.39593, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null">
    <ArrayOfAsapSettings xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="">
        <SchemaConnectionString>Server=SRVSQLB\ASAP_TEST;database=ASAP_MODEL_TEST;Integrated Security=SSPI;</SchemaConnectionString>
        <DataConnectionString>Server=SRVSQLB\ASAP_TEST;database=ASAP_DATA_TEST;Integrated Security=SSPI;</DataConnectionString>
        <SchemaDataService>CZ.Advantages.Asap.DA.Service.MsSqlDataService, CZ.Advantages.Asap.DA.Service</SchemaDataService>
        <DataDataService>CZ.Advantages.Asap.DA.Service.MsSqlDataService, CZ.Advantages.Asap.DA.Service</DataDataService>
        <ReportConnectionString />
        <TitleText>ASAP TEST</TitleText>
        <Slogan />
        <Name>ASAP TEST</Name>
	<LocalizationFolder>C:\Documents and Settings\asapmaster\Plocha\Architect 2015.11\l10n</LocalizationFolder>

So it seems the problem is in the model xml files. One of them is probably not a valid XML.

Yes. Repository XML was not properly downloaded. Better error messages, with files names in which errors appears, clear those issues :slight_smile: