Stable 2022.1 (breaking) changes (to be expanded as needed)

Changes that influence the running of the application will be listed here.

Mail Pickup Directory
In appsettings.json it was previously needed that the server was filled, otherwise the emails were not stored in the specified directory. With such setting in the 2022.1 version you will end with this error message:

It is not possible to specify both server and pickup directory.

This was changed so that it is clear if the email should be sent by the server or stored in a directory. Now only one option should be filled.

  "MailConfig": {
    "UserName": "",
    "Password": "",
    "Server": "",
    "Port": 587,
    "UseSsl": "true",
    "PickupDirectoryLocation": "C:\\directoryToSaveTheEmailsTo"

Date Format
The previously accepted custom date format DD.MM.YYYY used in screen sections has to be changed to dd.MM.yyyy.

Also DateBoxes that were set to Format=Long previously showed only date, now they show also time. To change that the format has to be changed to Short.

The order in which the steps in a branched workflow are executed can change, it doesn’t follow the alphabetical order.

Example: After a load step there are two branches with success dependency that are executed based on a start rule if a context store is empty or not. Branch A executed on a not empty context store. Branch B executed on an empty context store and further worked with the context store. Previously branch A was checked before branch B. Now branch B executes first, fills the context store and this leads to also branch A being executed.

Conversion to json
Empty attribute returned from a transformation was in an api data page previously shown as empty "Note":"", now it is null "Note":null.

Password Reset
As of build 2469 the async method ResetPassword correctly expects as parameter UserName the value BusinessPartner.UserName, previously the expected value was due to an error BusinessPartner.Id.