State Workflows

If you change some data in a transformation, the state workflow will run at the beginning of the StoreData task. At this point, the new data is already in the database, so if you perform a count or any similar operation, the new data will already be returned in e.g. a lookup. In case of an error in the state workflow, the error will be propagated to the StoreData task of the main workflow and the whole transaction (storing) will be rolled back.


ContextStore After selecting the field, you can select a context store from the workflow that is of the same type as the field.
Field Select the field that will be mapped.
Type Possible values are Original, Current and ChangedFlag.


The behaviour depends on the event type.

  • StateEntry, RecordCreated, RecordUpdated, RecordDeleted – data saved first, event workflows run next. The workflow sees already saved data.
  • StateExit, StateTransition, BeforeRecordDeleted – event workflows are executed first, data saved after. The workflow sees the original data.