StoreData Web API Method

This method allows you to save any data to the ORIGAM storage.


DataSet StoreData(string dataStructureId, DataSet data, bool loadDataAfterUpdate)


Parameter values depend on your application’s model. Ask your ORIGAM developer to provide you with object IDs.

Name Description
dataStructureId Defines the XSD structure and database mapping of the data being stored.
data Data to be stored in the form of a DataSet DiffGram.
loadDataAfterUpdate If true, the method will return data changed by business rules executed while saving the data.


ORIGAM uses optimistic locking by comparing the original values provided in the DiffGram. You should always first call the LoadData Web API Method method, modify the data and then call the StoreData method.

If another user modified the data in the meantime (i.e. data you provided in the diffgr:before element are different from the currently stored data), an exception will be thrown.