Tab Control

TabControl allows you to separate screen sections into different tabs to make the user interface more intuitive for the user.

  1. In the User Interface Model open the screen that you want to work with or create a new one.

  2. In the Toolbox select Widgets and then TabControl. By double-click or drag-and-drop place the element on the Design Surface and enlarge it for better manipulation.

  3. Click on the heading of one TabPage (the active one has a blue background). In the Toolbox > Screen Sections select one screen section and by double-click or drag-and-drop place it on the Design Surface. Repeat for the other TabPage.

  4. The TabControl widget opens with two tab pages. If you need more, go to the Properties view (keyboard shortcut F4) and in the drop-down list select AsTabControl1. This is an overview of settings for the whole widget and here you can add or remove tabs.

  5. In the Properties window (keyboard shortcut F4) you can also change the text that shows in the tab heading. Either click on the border of the TabPage or in the drop-down list in Properties select the TabPage you want to rename. Write a new name in the Text field.

  6. Check that all entities that are a base for the screen sections used in the tabs are in the data structure of the entity used as a data source of the screen. Also, check in the Properties that the DataMember field is correctly filled (points to the correct entity).

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