Table-Valued parameter in ExecuteProcedure Method

We have SQL procedure with Table-valued input parameter. Is it possible to set such a parameter in ExecuteProcedure Method of DataService?

EDIT: We actually support it, see the answers below.

Not at the moment. But we support table-valued input for standard database queries. We could add the same support to stored procedure calls as well.

We only support AsapListValue custom type. So you can basically pass an array of values to the query or (after implemented) stored procedure.

Would that be enough?

Thank you. That would by enough. Another issue is with return values from procedures. There is only one output context store, so how to process if procedure returns multiple values ? What is the purposes of EntityOrder parameter (Seq. Workflow -> DataService -> ExecuteProcedure -> Parameters -> EntitiOrder) in Architect?

@urbanekv seems you were implementing both of these things. Could you please give us an example how to pass table-valued parameters and how to get multiple results from a stored procedure?

It would be helpful to get more information. I tried to catch output value from executed procedure to context but with no success. There is nothing in trace. But I know the procedure was executed correctly, because it saves the output data to file. I tried to save data to file in Origam(SaveText method of FileSystemService) as well, but there is error message Data is not of type string. Probably there are no data returned from procedure.

Hi Koki,

I am using a very simillar use case as you needed. I have just extended the following documentation a bit so that it explains how to use EntityOrder parameter and array input parameters: