Text in grid is not visible

I have a grid text column that in form view can have multiple lines. But in grid view I do not see the whole text and the row height is not dynamicaly growing.

Is there a way how to grow the grid row height according to the amount of text written in grid cell?

Thank you for quick answer.

No answer for 4 days already. So why should I put all the cases in here? Is there somone to help? Thank you.

Viewing multiple lines is unfortunately not available through a grid view.

Thank you for reply. Is there any other way how to get this?

Unfortunately such a feature cannot be easily supported and is not planned. Maybe a custom HTML view would be a solution for such a specific formatting issue?

What do you exactly mean by custom HTML view?

You can create an HTML page (e.g. using API + with XML -> HTML XSLT transformation). Then you can create a “Web Report” which you will point to this URL. Then this Web Report can be assigned as a menu item or invoked using an action button. Obviously you can do anything you want inside the HTML.