TextReaderOptions is a configuration XML that is consumed by FileService and ExcelService adapters.

It allows you to specify the detailed parameters for the adapters on how the files should be imported, e.g. date formats, leading and trailing records, etc.


This is an example TextReaderOptions configuration:

            Format="d .M .yyyy"
                <Format>d .M .yyyy</Format>
                <Format>d.M .yyyy</Format>
                <Format>dd.M .yyyy</Format>

XML Structure

This part describes the elements that TextReaderOptions can contain.

TextReaderOptions Element (root)

IgnoreFirst Number of lines to ignore from the beginning of the file. E.g. "1" for a header line.
IgnoreLast Number of lines to ignore at the end of the file. E.g. "1" for a footer line.
Separator Column delimiter (in case of flat files). E.g. "," for comma or " " for tab.

List of options for each data field.

ExcelService - You need to define only the date fields if they are stored as strings (even in multiple formats) in Excel. All other fields can be skipped since they will get parsed by the target entity's structure.

FileService - You need to describe all the fields available in the delimited file. These settings will define how each field will be parsed.

FieldOptions Element

Option Options for a data field.

Option Element

Name Name of the entity field.
Culture A culture code (e.g. en-US) by which the data are formatted (e.g. decimal separator or a date format).

A format in which data are expected. See below for

If the input text is not in the specified format an error is thrown.

Use AlternativeFormats if there are multiple way how the input text can be formatted.

IsQuoted Denotes if the data in the field are enclosed in quotes.
QuoteChar Specifies a quote character (e.g. "&quot;"). If you need to escape the character, it has to be doubled. E.g. "There is a "" here".
IsOptional If set to true this field may not be present in the source file.
DecimalSeparator Decimal separator in case the field is numeric.
Length Length of the field in case of fixed-width files.
NullValue Use to change any empty (null) values to something else. E.g. NullValue = "Origam" will change any null values to Origam
IsIgnored If set to true this field will be ignored.
AlternativeFormats A list of alternative formats if the field can be formatted in multiple formats. This can be a case when e.g. the input file is hand-written and dates can be in various formats.

AlternativeFormats Element


A format in which data are expected. See below for