Transform Method

This method starts the transformation of the input XML document.

The method returns an XML document which is a result of the transformation.


Parameter Type Description
Data Context Store Reference Input data for the transformation. This data will be used as the XSLT transformation source. You can use XPath to limit the data.
Parameters Context Store Reference, Data Constant Reference, System Function Call

In case XSLT stylesheet requires some parameters, this is the place to bind them. The parameter name has to be the same as the one defined as <xsl:param> in the transformation.

You can pass also a complete context to the transformation so you can use other than the one specified using the Data parameter. In this case you need to specify ArrayResultDataType = Xml in the Context Store Reference. Then you can reference the data inside the stylesheet like this:

<!-- do not forget to set ArrayResultDataType = Xml 
     in the context store reference! -->
<xsl:param name="invoiceContextStoreData"/>
<xsl:template match="/">
    <!-- now you can reference the context as a node set -->
    <xsl:for-each select="$invoiceContextStoreData/ROOT/Invoice">
        <result invoiceNumber="@InvoiceNumber"/>
XslScript Transformation Reference Reference to a XSLT transformation script.