UI action merge type restrictions for lazily loaded screen doesn't work consistently

I was trying to open a lazily loaded screen with an entity action button with merge type ‘AppendMergeExisting’.

I was expecting to get an error “Only actions with merge type Ignore can be invoked in lazily loaded screens.”

Instead it passed, I didn’t get any error.

I found out the error raises only when there is a confirmation rule defined.

On the other hand it seems the checks for the merge types in the model (that by the way work well) aren’t too much needed. Because I haven’t ever run into troubles with any screen in our project even though the action buttons are with ‘AppendMergeExisting’.

Please reconsider the functionality, and forbid only use cases where it is needed.

All was originally driven by a need to use lazy-loading for workqueues - Performance Improvement for TextFile Work Queue Screen - #4 by washi

And the check for ‘merge type’ was requested was requested here Check UI actions for lazily loaded screens

The most important commit is the following one:

The check was introduced. I would like to know why it was added. I assume the problems occured only for screens with multiple-checkboxes action buttons. If the workflow is based only on ‘active record’ only a current row with all subrows are sent, AFAIK, so no other lines might become dirty.

Please make the behavior consistent, check the merge type only for ‘multiple checkboxes’ if possible and at the proper place (in ExecuteActionQuery, before checking action.confirmationRule)

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