Updating ERP model to new model version

I want to benefit from new features released in master Architect and Application Server. I have project developed in 2016.11 with model version 4.10. Except for two custom packages there is whole ERP model referenced as submodule in GIT repository. Updating custom packages is easy (Architect prompt you to do so when I opened it in new master version) but when I import packages from repository it fails on ERP packages because they are 4.10 and not 4.11 as it is required.

My question is: Is there a way how to easily upgrade whole model? Moreover, what is the best practice to manage model version across whole model?

This is the correct workflow when a major ORIGAM Architect version comes (which changes a model repository structure):

  1. Update Architect
  2. Open your current model
  3. Let Architect update the model first. Now your model is updated (e.g. on 4.11).
  4. Pull the new model from GIT
  5. Sync the model (both are the same version so everything should work)