Use Workflow Action to update context and notification (or title) of another workflow?

What I am trying to achieve

  1. User run workflow to create new Object based on ActiveRecord selected on the screen
  2. The Worfklow is run and the result is displayed on the screen to confirm the changes by Save button
    a) There is also button Workflow button which updates context which can create another object
  3. User clicks on the button Workflow button which updates context which runs new workflow and it adds new object into the context.
  4. Can I update somehow Notification what happened in the workflow?


I have tried …

  1. Add (Task) Set Workflow Property inside “button’s workflow” but it does not affect current screen in any way.

Is there any possibility to achieve behaviour that user clicks on the workflow button and then receive updated notification other than create custom field on the form and fill it in?

The notification feature looks really well and would be great to use it for putting some additional info what happened to user.

This is the result after the workflow:

  1. Screen gets dirty
  2. New object is there and is visible in the screen count:
  3. The button is not visible any more because it is hidden by rule (it can be used just once in my case)


If I could update the notification anyhow, it would look perfectly.

This is a great idea but not supported at the moment. The notifications work in the context of the workflow that was running, so in case of an action button you are setting up notifications for th action’s workflow.

So my idea would be to add some kind of NotificationMergeType into the definition of the workflow action. The options would be Append, Overwrite, None so you would be flexible. This would transfer the notifications generated by the action’s workflow into the caller screen.

Are you up to the challenge to contribute this by yourself?