User column configurations are shared between menus (same screen)

If the screens are using the same screen section, the column configuration for that screen section is shared between screens. The configurations should be isolated.

Can you propose which identificator was used by Flash to store the configuration?

If we change it now all stored configurations will be lost. We have to provide a migration script. That will be quite hard because each model is unique.

Flash used ModelInstanceId as a key.

I consider this as a fringe case among my projects, so if it would mean a loss of user settings, I’d rather not change it. Users tend to be very unhappy about it.

It currently uses ModelInstanceId as it should. Therefore it is quite strange that one section sitting in two screens shares the settings. That is impossible. If there would be a single screen being attached to 2 different menu items, then this would be the same screen sharing the custom configuration.

This is actually the case. I have two menu items using the same screen with the same screen section, but the filter is different. Still as a user I’d expect separate configurations.

So this is by design. We separate the same screens when inside different workflows but not inside different menu items. This would be actually a new feature. It is rare that one screen would be frequently used inside different menu items with no changes and the user requiring splitting the configurations (the opposite could be true – the user might want to share configurations as it is “only” the filter that is different).

This behaviour did not change recently. It has always worked this way.

There is a work-around though: You an easily copy a screen and provide a unique screen to each menu.

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