Using Plugin Widgets in Origam Architect does not work for multiple plugins

I was trying to …

  1. In Model I have a plugin widget in _Basic Controls - there in 2 different origam packages:
  2. I am trying to put origam plugin onto screen:

I was expecting …

  1. Plugin MyTestPlugin will be added onto screen including its properties

Instead I’ve got …

  1. Plugin FileUploadSectionPlugin is added onto screen

Additional information

Origam Architect Version:

I created MyScreenSectionPlugin Widget

  1. I would expect that the widget MyScreenSectionPlugin would be added to the screen
  2. ScreenSectionPlugin is added onto screen instead!!!


  1. Edit screen XML file and replace all appearances of ScreenSectionPlugin by MyScreenSectionPlugin.
  2. Replace all ids of ScreenSectionPlugin by ids of MyScreenSectionPlugin.

This also adds additional properties of MyScreenSectionPlugin.

@david.pochobradsky The fix is in the build, could you test it please?

I tested with new version of Architect and it works correctly for me. Thank you for the fix.

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