WF - UI form - lookup not editable

I have WF where there is first step generating structure into contextA. In second step I want to choose value from lookup that should be then merged into the same contexA.

Unfortunately the lookup list field is not working, everithing is grey like if there was now new record created just a minute before. But when I change TraceLevel to “ClientAndArchitect” suddenly everything works just fine.

Actually I tested this in version 2021.1.0.2200.

What type of workflow step is the first step, is it a transformation? This was an effect when there was a transformation with the old XsltEngine type “XslTransform”. All transformation must have “XslCompiledTransform”. See Breaking Changes Related to Model Handling by Origam HTML5.


You are right. I have already found the solution before you answered, but thank you very much.

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