What are the rules for showing low severity exception messages

What are the rules for showing low severity exception messages? High severity messages are shown everywhere in Origam. I tried to use low severity exception message in transformation which was part of workflow executed by state machine but with no success.

Exceptions with severity level High will always produce an error anywhere you use them. So you can use them inside state workflows or directly as end rules of screens in visual sequential workflows.

Severity level Low produces a warning allowing the user to decide to continue or cancel the operation and update the data. It works only in the following cases:

  • EndRule of screens in visual sequential workflows – After pressing Next the user is warned and can cancel the operation and return to the screen.
  • ConfirmationRule of a menu item or sequential workflow type of UI Action (button). There you can assign a rule that will produce the Low level exceptions that will produce warnings.

When used inside state workflows the Low severity exception is ignored and the workflow continues.

Thank you. I think it would be nice, if you can use Low severity messages in more cases, so the user can decide based on on information inside the message.

We are covering the needed cases with the ConfirmationRule. So in case when it is set on a menu item it will bring the messages after the user presses Save button. Then the low severity message appears and the user can decide. It is done before saving so it does not put a load on a database server and does not lock any records via a transaction (opposed to the state workflow which is running under a transaction and locks records).