What is ORIGAM

What is ORIGAM?

ORIGAM helps you address your enterprise user’s requests and requirements with the least possible effort.

  • Are you in Excel hell?
  • Is your ERP supplier unable to add the supporting business process agenda for you?
  • Are your processes so specific that you are unable to find a reasonable supporting product?
  • Are you building enterprise software with a strong need for backoffice functionality?

ORIGAM is a set of tools that help you design, develop, deploy and run your enterprise applications. It offers you a customer-proven process of building application support for your business processes and in addition it gives you flexibility to deliver a custom application functionality where needed.

ORIGAM has a ready to use, fully functional user interface that your office users will love. Unless you are an UX expert you will not need a graphic designer.

Compared to traditional development processes (from scratch), using ORIGAM can be up to 10x more efficient.


origam.com is the main product website.

There you will find all the information about:

  • Features and benefits
  • How to buy
  • The company

Do you know what technology is ORIGAM.COM built on?


ORIGAM.COM is not only a website - there is a lot of database stuff behind (partner portal, downloads).

It took us 3 days to migrate the basic web site from a custom PHP/MySQL application to a pure ORIGAM app. We were immediately able to:

  • Enter data in a nice backoffice-style ORIGAM GUI.
  • Speed-up the website response 10x.
  • Add new database features to the website easily using ORIGAM Architect.

ORIGAM Reference Documentation

Are you wondering what an item in ORIGAM architect means?

Do you want to learn about a specific feature in detail?

Are you looking for all the settings of ORIGAM Application Server?

origam.com/doc is a place where you can find reference documentation of the ORIGAM platform.

ORIGAM Community Forums

Do you have a question?

Are you looking for a solution to a problem somebody else might have already solved?

Do you want to get in touch with other enterprise software development professionals?

community.origam.com is a discussion board and a place where the community meets.

There you can:

  • Discuss
  • Ask questions
  • Meet other ORIGAM users