When scrolling, it's not communicated to a user the data are not complete

I was trying to scroll on a screen with heavy RowStates call

I was expecting to have an active loader animation right away since scrolling start until everything is loaded correctly

Instead I’ve got a gap where there is no loader animation, but shown data aren’t complete.

How to replicate:

  1. checkout GitHub - origam/origam at enhance-testmodel-to-replicate-several-problems-2022-4
  2. Open architect and let the deployment scripts run
  3. Open Menu > Widgets > Test data creation / deletion > Wide Table - fill - this will insert about 2.5k of records
  4. Open a menu item Menu > Widgets > Wide Table >Wide table with details - lazily loaded. It’s possible to test also with non-lazily loaded variant
  5. You can optionally set traffic throttling to make RowStates even worse (not needed)
  6. Scroll very slowly without stopping. The problem is replicated. New data would be showing and there is no sign of the fact that the data shown aren’t complete. RowStates are called only after a user stops scrolling and even the loader gets active.

if the row states are not available the plus, minus, and copy buttons and the editing functionality should be disabled. Instead of locking the whole screen.

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