Who Are the Decision Makers?

I have a potential customer but I am not sure who is actually the decision maker in the company. How do you know whom to influence so my deal goes through?

I think, there is no doubt that decision makers are those who are responsible for budgets. Mainly these are senior managers or company owners.

But it would be a false conclusion focusing on decision makers only during a sales process. Decision makers mostly ask for the feedback of their specialists, such as business people, IT administrators, etc., before taking a decision, because they are the people dealing with daily business and have detailed knowledge.

Specialists do not decide at the end, but they can influence a decision. Therefore it is recommended to respect them as well during sales. Doing so, it is important to consider that these specialists:

  • Might not want changes, because they could affect their current standing in the company (e.g. the new solution replaces knowledge that at that time is owned by a person)
  • Might favor other suppliers or solutions, because of personal reasons

It is important to show the benefit of the new solution for everyone in a company.


Totally agree with @Elena.

But I came to know that the most important at the end is the fact if your solution:

  • brings/saves money/cost
  • really solves the problem
  • can be delivered immediatelly (understand very fast)

But beware of one more important think. In these days managers don’t buy things in a box, they rather buy you as partner, team member. The more you fit as a partner to the potential customer, the more you show them you will be usefull team member, the more they will like it.

If I were in your situation the most persuasive argument for my customers would be complexity while simplicity at the same time. They like to hear the solution can grow with them.

As ORIGAM is not a prepacked solution, also business approach will be very individual.

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