Wide multi-field lookup-lists are failing at narrow displays

We have a lookup, where a lookup list is made from about 7 fields, some of them have a lot of characters (description, etc). When the lookup widget is placed into a screen section and opened in the HTML client, it
I was trying to open such a lookup (expand it) from a form and show the lookup list with all it’s columns.

I was expecting to be able to see all the columns - be able to scroll horizontally in the expanded lookup list.

Instead I’ve got an error “Error: Invalid size returned for cell 4 of value undefined” coming from HTML client. When I made a window with Origam narrower, it returned “Error: Invalid size returned for cell 3 of value undefined”

In order to replicate, merge:

  1. then open model-tests project
  2. run SP replicateWideDropdownHorizontalScrollError in the database (it prepares the data)
  3. make the origam as narrow as possible
  4. open menu > widgets > Dropdown Multicolumn
  5. click on + button and try to select the only record
  6. hold and shift horizontal scrollbar to right


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