Work Queue entries not processed if one fails to evaluate the autoprocessing condition as true

If there are more entries in a work queue that has commands with an autoprocessing condition and one entry fails to evaluate the autoprocessing condition as true, it should be skipped and the following entries should be processed. At this moment only that one entry is processed again and again.

If the queue entry is not processed by the commands, the queue takes as the next item the same one, so the queue is stuck on the same one. A different modelling method has to be used - to move item into a different queue (subqueue) and then queue it again into the main queue again.

After a discussion a remodelling of the adding logic will be the best solution. Instead of the entry being added automatically by a Create Event on the work queue, it will be added manually by a workflow step at such a place where the state of the original entity matches the autoprocessing conditions.

I would not recommend it as this is dependent on how the queue picks up the items today. It may be changed in the future (see Workqueue - implement round-robin processing request). In such case moving it to another queue could subsequently pick it up again fom the other queue.

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