Work Queue Entry - Is there any way to display Blob control or Button to view Report?

What I want to achieve?

  1. I have a list of tasks (inside specific Work Queue).
  2. Every task requires user to review document (saved as attachment inside referenced entity by work queue).
  3. Then user decides whether to accept document or not.

What I have tried

  1. I have tried to add lookup field which returns Attachment.Data in Work Queue Data structure. The BLOB field is not displayed in Work Queue Entry screen.
  2. Add Workflow command with ActionType=Report. Load PDF into BLOB context and set the context as IsReturnValue=true.
  3. ??? Child panel?


Is there any way how to display attachment directly from Work Queue that user can just use one click to preview it or even better to have a custom screen with Immediate preview in the bottom part?

I can imagine one of the following solutions:

  1. The most user effective would be javascript plugin that would display live preview of the document, so the user would see Work Queue Entry properties + document preview in the “child panel”. Buttons Accept, Refuse can be displayed and configured inside WorkQueue definition.
  2. Having BLOB control inside Work Queue Entry fields with its attachment lookup, that user can just click inside and select Preview command. Buttons Accept, Reject can be displayed and configured inside WorkQueue definition.
  3. Having Work queue command button above to display report. Buttons Accept, Reject should be probably opened on the opened screen. Then can I display there commands configured inside Work Queue definition?