Work Queue File Loader

File loader allows you to watch a specific file system folder for files and pick them up to a work queue where they can be processed.


  • IIS application pool user has modification rights set in watched directory.


This loader uses TextFile or BinaryFile work queue classes (see mode connection string).


In order to fill Your Work Queue from files, on tab Creation You have to fill the External Source field with File and fill Connection String as described later. All other fields of External Source group are not applicable and should remain empty.


The connection string can consist from the following parts:

Attribute Description
path Path to a directory, where the loader sniffs for files
searchPattern Wildcard expression that defines which files loader will load to work queue
mode One of text and binary. Use text if work queue class you have set to TextFile, user binary if work queue class is BinaryFile.
encoding Characer encoding of files in path direcotry. (‘utf-8’, …). Available encodings are names of all available encodings of System.Text.Encoding .net class (Encoding Třída (System.Text) | Microsoft Docs). Beware: ‘utf8’ is not valid encoding string.
compression Indicates a compression algorithm of the file. Supported values: ZIP – Indicates that the file is compressed using ZIP method.
aggregate If set to true multiple source files (if present in the scanned folder or contained in the loaded compressed file) will load into a single work queue entry. Normally each file produces a separate entry. This is useful e.g. for scenarios where multiple CSV files contain information about a single record and you need to process them in a single step.
splitFileByRows Expected numeric value 0 and greater. If greater than 0, the processed files will be split into chunks with specified number of rows. This setting is valid only for text files. If set for binary files, loader will return an error.
keepHeader Boolean value. It is related to splitFileByRows. If set to true, the first row of the processed file will be put at the beginning of each resulting chunk. So if splitFileByRows is set to 10, the resulting chunk is going to have 11 rows.