Work Queue Notifications

Notifications allow you to send an e-mail, SMS or any kind of a notification whenever a message appears in the queue.In order to configure a notification you need to set up:

  • Notification Template
  • Notification
  • Notification Sender
  • Notification Recipients

Notification Template

This is an XSLT template which defines the content of the message. The XML source can be either:

  • Work queue message (default)
  • Custom data source

If you need more information than what the work queue message contains you can set up a custom data source for the notification. For that you have to configure the work queue class and set NotificationStructure, NotificationLoadMethod and NotificationFilterPkParameter attributes.


The Notification Templates screen (contained in the Root Menu package) contains a Localization tab. There you can put different templates for different languages. Based on the language of the notification the correct template will be selected.

Data Source

This is how the default work queue message data source can look like:

 <Data>example text file contents</Data>

If you defined a custom data structure, the XML will look the way you defined the structure.


The notification’s template structure is simple. You need to create AsapNotification element with Subject attribute and Body inner element. These will be used typically by the e-mail notifications. In case of e.g. SMS notifications the Subject part would be omitted.

This is how a template can look like, but BEWARE, the following template is suitable only if you use a WorkQueueEntry itself as a notification source, so only if you don’t define any special NotificationStructure.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<xsl:stylesheet xmlns:xsl="" version="1.0"
    xmlns:date="" exclude-result-prefixes="AS date">
    <xsl:template match="ROOT">
            <xsl:apply-templates select="WorkQueueEntry"/>

    <xsl:template match="WorkQueueEntry">
            Subject="{concat('New File: ', @FileName)}"
               A new file arrived into the queue.


When your template is ready you need to assign it to the work queue in the Work Queues screen on the Notifications tab. There you select

Description A description of your notification
Event An event on which the notification will be sent. The only supported event is Message Creation.
Template A template you previously created.

For each notification you will also need to define a sender and one or multiple recipients. You do this on the following Notification - Senders and Notification - Recipients tabs. Please note that these tabs are always related to the record selected in the Notification tab.

Notification Senders

On this tab you define one or multiple senders. The reason why you might need multiple senders is when you will send notifications through multiple channels so you can select a sender for each channel.

Type Sender type. Typically this will be an Inserted Value. In case you will need e.g. to choose a sender depending on the context, you need to set up your own notification contact type.
Channel The type of the notification channel, e.g. E-mail or SMS. Only E-mail channel is built-in.
Value In case you selected a Type = Inserted Value you can insert the value into this field. It will be typically an e-mail address.

Notification Recipients

On this tab you can define one or multiple recipients of your notification. You can define recipients based on different notification channels but you can also define multiple recipients for the same channel. The settings are the same as for Notification Senders.