Work queue processing after AppPool restart

I’ve set automatic restart of AppPool every day on a test application.
Now I’ve noticed, that the queue is processed every time after I log in application.
Does it mean, that work queues are not processed until first user login, or is it coincidence?

Your observation is correct. This may help, but I am not sure. Let us know if it works.

Unfortunatelly not, apppool autostart is already set on the IIS pool.
Even if not, I’m using appcmd.exe recycle apppool, so the pool is started after restarting.

Recycling the application pool just shuts it down, imho. So to actually start it again you must do something more. Maybe this will help?

Don’t think so. The pool status is Started after this.
Btw if not, I would not be able to log in.

Work queue processing starts immediately (or on the next interval). You can check if ORIGAM server successfully starts by turning logging level to INFO. Then you will see an informational message in your server log. Optionally you can turn on DEBUG logging level on CZ.Advantages.Asap.Workflow.WorkQueue logger to see more info about work queue processing.

I’ve changed web.config by this way:

    <add key="serviceAutoStartEnabled" value="true" />
     <add key="serviceAutoStartProvider" value="Service" />
     <add key="serviceAutoStartMode" value="All" />

I’ve checked Enable Preload in Application Basic Settings.
I’ve set logging level to INFO.

It looks like the Application really doesn’t start automatically after apppool restart (even after these changes).