Workflow - Dialog window - can I set up closing the window with ESC key?

Description of problem

In Origam I have a table with Pictures and their thumbnails. I created also workflow and set the button as default action so the user can open picture in a dialog screen in bigger detail.

Question 1

Could it be setup that the dialog window could be closed by user by pressing ESC key instead of just clicking the closing button in the top right corner?

Question 2

If the dialog window is too large for the screen (it overflows the screen) then the window is shown in the position that top right corner is hidden. I can close the window only when I move the window by developers’ tools in the browser and change its positioning in CSS styles, so I can close the window. ESC key could also solve this scenario but in general, wouldn’t be better to keep the top line of the window always visible even if it overflows?

After changing CSS through developers’ tools:

Could it be fixed?

We used to close the modal dialog with Esc. I think we should still have this option. It should result in the same action as closing it with [x].

I also agree with showing the top of the modal dialog rather than centering it and seeing neither the top nor the bottom with buttons.

Thank you Tomáš,

but what does it mean for me now? Who will implement it into hmtl5 version and when can I expect this could be done?


If you could manage yourself, it would be great. Otherwise we can put it into the pipeline. But it could be an interesting exercise :slight_smile:

Well, yes. It could be good excercise but based on timeline I don’t think we could work on it before mid of December. So in case you would be able to do it sooner, it would help.