Workflow - if-then-else block

In the current state the modelling of if-then-else block in a workflow is rather complicated. We need to use set of the start rules and once the block branches are resolved the next step has to have the OnFinish dependency. I mainly dislike the OnFinish dependency that might lead in edge cases to undesired results.

The first idea would be to change a behaviour/support new behaviour of multiple dependencies of a workflow step. If a workflow step has multiple dependencies they’re treated with logical operation and. If they would be treated with logical operation or, it would be possible to set the next step in the workflow with OnSuccess dependencies.

The second idea is an implementation of whole new workflow block that resolves the branches in itself and the following workflow step can depend on it with OnSuccess.

In order to work-around the problem with Finish condition, you can currently enclose all the steps with the “if-then-else” conditions in a block. Then the following steps can have a Success condition.

Another idea is to actually add a possibility to add a condition to the step dependency, not just the step itself.