Workflow Screen: Workflow Screen with Simple Data Rule [IsPathRelative=True] does not load

I was trying to …

  1. I have Simple Data Rule which I want to use with IsPathRelative=True
  2. To test, I defined it very simply with constant (there were attributes referred but as it didn’t work I tried just with constant)
  3. I registered rule on a context store in workflow:

  4. I want to display the context store in the screen

I was expecting …

When I run the workflow, I expect the screen is displayed and the rule is working.

Instead I’ve got …

Screen is not loaded at all. Service InitUI does not return any value.

Other notes

If I use rule IsPathRelative=False then it works properly - UI loads and rule works:


Does that meant the data structure had a master-detail relationship which was not set to IsParentChild=True?

@david.pochobradsky can you confirm my previous statement please? Thanks.

Hi Tomáš,

yes, I confirm that there is the parent-child relationship but property IsParentChild=False:

I will change this on my model but can you explain a little bit how it affects the behaviour if it is checked and not checked regarding the rule?

Thank you,