WorkQueue automatic file upload does not save data

Version: 2023.1.0.3046

I was trying to …

  1. I have a work queue to load binary files from disk (PDF)
  2. Under work queue I have 2 commands to process loaded file
    1. WF Action Import file transforms file from WorkQueueEntry into AttachmentDocumentation entity and tries to save
    2. Work queue command Move moves WorkQueueEntry into archive work queue

I was expecting …

  1. New object AttachmentDocumentation will be created and saved.

Instead I’ve got …

  1. WorkQueueEntry is processed and moved into archive folder but it is not saved in the database.


Additional Info

When I configure tracing on the Import file workflow then the file is saved correctly. On my development environment, it also works. Currently only on Test environment it does not work and I didn’t put it into production yet.

I made another examination on my local environment. I have found that when TRACE is disabled, then the document is not being saved into the database.

I have traced Origam.Server what is happening inside workflow and I have found that there is a different behaviour of XSLT transformation when tracing is enabled and when it is disabled.

Trace is disabled:

Result of the transformation is:

<ROOT />

Trace is enabled:

Result of the transformation is:

  <AttachmentDocumentation Id="e36f94bd-7449-40ce-8d50-62e8ef0fe9da" ... />

I believe that the code should behave consistently between both modes and it should be standardized and fixed. What do you think?

So the problem was caused that I have changed my new transformation to engine XslTransform from XslCompiledTransform.

As stated here (under transformations): Breaking Changes Related to Model Handling by Origam HTML5 engine XslTransform is obsolete for newer Origam versions.

Here are hints Converting Projects to Work with Master Build 4811 and Later - #4 by urbanekv how to transfrom project from Older version of Origam to newer if needed.

So the conclusion is:

  • Use on the HTML5 Origam project always Xslt engine XslCompiledTransform.
  • It would be nice to enhance architect to at least warn that XslTransform is obsolete and might cause unexpected problems. Some ideas:
    • Warning / renaming in architect that XslTransform is obsolete.
    • Model validation rule that model contains transformations with obsolete settings
    • Remove XslTransform option from Architect

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