Workshop: The Documentation Conclusions

Customer: Origam Developer
Target: Origam Developer is able to work independently

Categories; Responsibility
Reference guide: Description of Objects, functions (I/O, Methods); Programmer
Common: Shortcuts, tree navigation; Technical writer
Modelling procedures: Description of development process - “Origam thinking”; Technical writer
-Content example: “How to create master/detail screen”
Best practice: How to create optimal model; Technical writer/Developer (rules will be needed to define)
-Content example: “How to flatten parent/child datastructure”
Use case: Description of specific uses; Technical writer/Anybody (rules will be needed to define)
-Content example: “Solution of sending messages to Google API”

Programmer that is making the change must ensure the documentation.
Presentation form: Video? Text?
Origam Community: Let’s create “Not Documented” category - requirements for supplementing of documentation
Code Review: Somebody with high reputation?
How to honor the Technical writer/other content creators?