Workshop: The Testing Conclusions

Releases contains bugs.
Every new build should be fully tested before the release.
How to assure end customers that the new release is secure/tested?

It is not possible to test everything:
-Testing and test maintenance is laborious
-Edge cases can contain bugs as well = risk
-Testing is not a final solution of all problems
-The tester must have a relationship to the application (> responsibility)

End-to-end - Puppetteer:
Actually it is not applicable to Workflows, Workqueues
The development needs to be finalized
It should be a part of every new build
Anybody can improve (e.g. UC description) ; It is necessary to know JS
It will be needed to approve the final test sets (to avoid too big complexity)
Usage for end-users is possible, but:
-It will make the development more expensive
-It is not possible to test everything (e.g. data issues)
-The topis is very large, every customer has another needs > let’s only share the know-how on Community level

API Testing - VS Code Plugin
Actually it is not automated, not used.
The automation is possible (JS/Python)

Unit Testing
-passing parameters on backend level