XSLT function EvaluateXPath

Dynamically evaluates XPath on the given NodeSet.




string EvaluateXPath(string nodeset, string xpath)


Name Description
nodeset NodeSet context for evaluation of the xpath
xpath dynamic xpath to be evaluated on the given nodeset


In Origam Architect you might get error while using function EvaluateXPath:

Enumeration has not started. Call MoveNext.
Transformation result invalid.
Exception happened during transformation. See inner exception for details:

An error occurred during a call to extension function 'EvaluateXPath'. See InnerException for a complete description of the error.
Enumeration has not started. Call MoveNext.

Solving this error: go to Settings tab of the XSLT transformation and change XsltEngine from XslCompiledTransform to XslTransform


Additional notes

Alternatively, for the dynamic evaluation, you might also use extenstion dyn2:evaluate. You might find the list of extension functions here: EXSLT modules available? - #2 by tvavrda