2022.3 - Windows authentication on IIS is not working

When you have enabled Windows authentication on IIS site a login button is shown on login page. It worked on 2022.1, but it is not working on 2022.3.

There was a change in the structure of appsettings.json, did you adjust the GoogleLogin part?

I don’t have GoogleLogin section in appsettings.json. I talked to @tvavrda and there is a bug in the code.

Ok. And it was a typo on my side, should have been MicrosoftLogin.

Please be aware that Microsoft login != Windows login.

Microsoft Azure AD is a cloud service
Windows is the account under which you are logged in to your Windows machine

So these are two different external authentication mechanisms.

The problem is that while updating the configuration structures the Windows authentication was ruled out as it has no configuration (Windows login button shows automatically if IIS is configured to support it).

So what is the Microsoft Login if it has a separate section in appsettings apart from Azure AD Login?

// uncomment following section to enable Microsoft Login
    "MicrosoftLogin": {
      "ClientId": "",
      "ClientSecret": ""
    // uncomment following section to enable Azure AD Login
    "AzureAdLogin": {
      "ClientId": "",
      "TenantId": ""

That is also an Azure login, just for personal accounts (not company accounts).

@koki Can you confirm the fix?

@washi we are currently on 2022.1. Do you plan to release fix for that version? If not, I’ve to upgrade test version to 2022.3.

But you reported that it works on 2022.1, so no action was made. Fixes were made for later versions.

I’m sorry, I exchanged it for ticket cookie-expiration-on-windows-sign-in. So I’ll test it and let you know.

I can confirm, IIS Windows login (auth) is working on 2022.3.0.2668.

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